Modesto View InterView – Darin Morris

Darin Morris grew up in Modesto and was one of the key musicians in the late 70s and 80s music scenes. After graduation Beyer High, Darin attended the Guitar Institute Of Technology and became an amazing guitarist and one of the regions best. Darin also earned a bachelors degree in classical guitar performance from California State University Stanislaus. Darin has been a member of many local bands and earned MAMA Award as a member of Donnie and the Wayrads. He is married to Kristie and has 4 kids and is active in community life and is well known as a teacher and performer. Today, he is helping the next generation of music become professional musicians and bands. As the leader of VMI Music Institute, bands are created, taught and learn the music business and performing from top to bottom. The future of music is here. Let’s meet Darin........
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